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Yes, you needn't take unnecessary financial risks and needn't curtail your normal expenses.

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Do you often get calls with credit card offers?

Does your bank offer you easy personal loans even before you ask?

Does your neighbourhood Insurance Advisor make it a point to keep you in good humour?

And they all represent Big Businesses.
Just shows how much Big Business is ready to bet on you.

Would you not bank on your own financial worth?

We'll show you how you can immensely profit from just knowing how much you are really worth and acting on that knowledge.

"I was impressed by the diligent preparation and lucid explanations in a presentation he made at my company. I later discovered how strictly he sticks to a product's specific utility to a client while recommending options."


- Mr. K Yashwant Nayak, Sr Manager, M&M Ltd, Mumbai.

What Would You Like To Do With Your Extra Money?

· Achieve an Education Abroad?
· Go on a Memorable Honeymoon trip?
· Buy A Dream Home?
· Significantly Enhance Your Lifestyle?
· Acquire A Self-employed Status?
· Settle Your Children in Life?
· Ensure an Enjoyable Retired Life?

You can possibly do all of it, or at least, most of it.

And it's not really a tall order...

And, we'd show you how...

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" Traditional investment methods would be inadequate in my hopeless situation when I retired. Today, I survive financially by these scientific methods."


- Mr. Ashok Kangne, Ex-Bank Manager, Mumbai.


How we can help your finances, and why we can help you:

Founded by Shiv N. Majumdar, FCA- trained at Price Waterhouse Coopers and who has wide experience in industry and consulting- Celerity Consultants, Mumbai, started in 2000, has its owned office, full infrastructure and 4-member staff.

Its presence is physical too, not merely on the net.

Besides local clients who get serviced from this office, Celerity also serves clients from other cities in India as well as abroad, mainly through internet, fax and email interface.

They do not handle your investments or money, but restrict themselves to just advising on the best options.

They have a paid advisory service which charges for services irrespective of the amount you invest. This service has a unique aspect of controlling your investment risks while pushing up your returns to a decent level.

Over the years, Celerity's Personal Financial Planning services have grown to over Rs 20 crores of client funds under advice from investors big and small.

" Even with hindsight you cannot match these methods- Rs 7.5 lakhs to Rs 32 lakhs- that too with careful investing."


- Mr. K. Y. Nayak, Sr Manager, M&M Ltd.

Now, First Things First,...

How Much are You Really Worth?

Consider a monthly salary of Rs 10,000 per month. Over a 30-year period this salary will mean a total earning of Rs.36 lacs. If this entire salary could be invested at 10% per annum (rate of return) at the end of every month during this period, this will mean a sum of Rs 2 Crores 23 Lacs 70 Thousands at the end of 30 years. Check the following table to find out results for different periods and different rates of return:

Rs10,000 Per Month Will Become At 10% Per annum At 9% Per annum At 8% Per annum At 7% Per annum
Rs Lacs Rs Lacs Rs Lacs Rs Lacs
30 Yrs 223.70 182.58 149.73 123.42
25 Yrs 131.77 112.12 95.74 82.07
20 Yrs 75.67 66.96 59.41 52.85
15 Yrs 41.43 38.03 34.96 32.20

The above data give you an idea about the size of your salary cake for the rest of your working life. Creating a fortune would begin with holding on to biggest possible slice out of this salary cake...

For example, a person holding on to 10% of his salary of Rs 10,000 per month for 25 years will have managed to create Rs 11.21 lacs at 9% per annum, a sum relatively immense for somebody earning only Rs 1.20 lacs per annum...

This is true at every salary level and at any rate of return on account of regularity and time value benefits...

Salary earners get known amount of earning at known dates. House and consumer durable purchases are financed through EMIs (equated monthly instalments) of loan repayments by utilising this known income stream to make these purchases affordable...

You have to use the same power of salary to build your wealth, and the result will obviously be a miracle...

" Strong conviction, elaborate execution, exceptional integrity."


- Mr. S.K. Chakrabarti, Vice President, Bombay Dyeing, Mumbai.

The Truth About Your Money Now

Let us try to find out the quantum of real gain/loss in value of your money with reference to a 8.5% annual rate of inflation that we should normally plan against. A sum of Rs 1,00,000 will be worth the following amounts after the periods mentioned in column 1 at various rates of returns as indicated in the following table:

After : At 10% At 9% At 8% At 7%
10 years 1,14,717 1,04,705 95,486 87,004
15 years 1,22,869 1,07,140 93,306 81,154
20 years 1,31,601 1,09,631 91,176 75,697
25 years 1,40,953 1,12,181 89,094 70,608
30 years 1,50,969 1,14,790 87,060 65,860

**(Tax Effect Not Considered)

Thus, if you are earning a rate of return lower than the rate of inflation, you will not be actually growing your money...
Similarly, the more the actual growth rate of your money is above or below the inflation rate, the faster your real money will grow or deplete, not proportionately...

Read the above sentence again. Try to fully understand what we are trying to say. This information is of immense import and most of us are totally unaware of this...


" Helps me build my ideas into a cohesive whole plan of action, clarifies my gray areas, avoids my mistakes- most importantly without risk to my investment."


- Mr. Aniruddha Bhattacharyya, Software professional, Accenture Services, Mumbai.

The Changing Money Game, Fine prints and how They Affect Your Money

There have been large changes in the investment arena over the last few years, which all of us have experienced but might not have noted in an overall framework. Let us look at the following for a quick recap:

Change Resulting in
1.Income tax law and rates have seen many changes. More changes are in the pipeline.
  • Lower incentive to avoid tax
  • Tax-free incomes become less attractive
  • A number of investments can reduce Taxable Income- need for the right product choice
2.Interest rates continually coming down following lower general inflation rate.
  • Inadequate returns to cover items of higher price rise like electricity charges, property tax, healthcare, education, transport costs, telephone bills etc.
3.A number of new banks has come up and banks are given freedom in fixing interest rates.
  • Numerous choices of banks, products, rates of returns call for a process of shopping even for keeping money in banks.
4.PO interest rates are no longer stable over a reasonable period.
  • Extent as well as timing of change is unpredictable. It need not be at budget time or while announcing credit policy or even the beginning of any month.
5. PPF interest rate reduction applies to both new deposits as well current balance of as past deposits.
  • Long-term PPF depositors trapped at low interest rates. (Partial remedy available through allowable withdrawals)
6.Higher voluntary contribution to PF affected by PF rate reduction.
  • Huge long-term costs by way of low returns on deposits that were not compulsory.
7. A number of new Insurance companies and widely different Schemes are available.
  • Buying right insurance policies would need considerable analysis and deciding on the right choice.
8. Economic situation continues to be sluggish in general. Also, businesses are now exposed to new risks.
  • Even good companies turn suddenly bad, making company FDs the most risky option for an investor.
9. Past experience shows bullish business sentiments get completely ruined by sudden unforeseen disappointments. Only a few years back, investors have experienced huge disappointments with IDBI Flexibonds, UTI Rajlaxmi, Unit'64, etc.
  • It is now clear that all is not well with our public financial institutions held in high regard for years mainly because it represented our own government to us.
10.Mutual-fund industry has developed at a fast pace in the last few years. But at adverse times, most fail to make the cut by performance.
  • There are about 1000 different options available to us, which widely differ in risk exposure, return expectations and taxability. Moreover, there are large differences in the level of professional skills displayed by various fund managers in these funds.
11.A number of changes has taken place in the rules of play in the stock market.
  • Change of rules have left many investors (who could not read the implications correctly) stranded with useless scrips and hardly any chance of recovering money.

Thus, the above changes bring out a trend...

We notice that we need to unlearn old rules, understand the full range of available choices and size up each option with latest up to date information in the light of our own goals, likes and comforts if we have to take correct decisions...

For most of us this is awesome, or at least confusing...

We'd show you how you can deal with this challenge...


" Agents and brokers have sold me products which often do not match my needs. Once I got into this, I identified and got rid of them for better results."


- Mr. Saurabh Talwalkar, Software professional, Pune.

Boosting your returns with Insights, Focus…

Thus, the above changes bring out a trend...

We notice that we need to keep on unlearning old rules, keep abreast of the full range of available choices and size up each option with the latest up to date information in the light of our own goals, likes and comforts if we have to take correct decisions...

For most of us this is awesome, or at least confusing...

We'd show you how you can deal with this challenge...


" I completely misread the simplicity of his financial plans, added a lot of transactional activity and used different ideas. Finally I found my results to be much lower than if I'd stuck to the Plan.
I came back on course in 18 months. These Plans are well crafted but simply laid out."


- Mr. Arindam Chattopadhyay, Project Head, Reliance Comm, Mumbai.


Do You Also Make These Mistakes While Dealing With Your Money?

Those who came to us earlier made one or more of the following type of mistakes.

Consider if these also apply to you:

  • Are you satisfied with the amount of attention that you are able to give to your personal finance?
    Or, do you lack the required time?
  • Do you depend on your banker to recommend where to keep your money rather than personally comparing banks (or investment options), their rates of returns or their various products?
  • How do you decide where to invest? Do you depend on your friends, relatives and colleagues?
    Do you ignore your discomfort or unease that you might not have chosen your best option?
  • Or, would you prefer the convenience of checking with your agent or broker to help you decide where and how much to invest?
    Do you discount the possibility that you may end up not have been presented your best avenue?
  • Do you sometimes end up choosing an investment product without full satisfaction because of an impending deadline beyond which assured returns would reduce or the attractive product would no longer be available?
  • Have you sometimes tried to emulate a friend or a colleague in investing your money and later on felt disappointed with the results?
  • Have you at any time joined a group of friends in taking up a moneymaking idea and later come to grief?
    (Statistics show that most of these ideas are like lottery or gambling when looked at from the point of view of Mathematical Probability.)
  • Would you prefer to decide on your investments by reading newspaper and magazines and believe that you would not miss any relevant aspect on the issue?
    (Disappointments with IDBI Flexibonds, UTI Rajlaxmi, or Unit'64 actually occurred due to overlooked risks.)
  • Mr. Kale attempted tax planning decisions on his own and landed into a tax problem at the time of scrutiny of his tax return.
    He was ignorant of some finer aspects, some of which ironically were to his own advantage.

In each of these cases, your best interests are somehow in danger of not being served...

Most of you would be taking it transaction by transaction. This would not bring to focus your long-term interests and goals. The best for the moment is very often not even good in the long run...
We'd show you a better way to handle your personal finances and how it is easily available to you...

As you have noted in an earlier section, today's investment scene is diverse and options are many. You need to devote a vast amount of your time to be able to make the best choice...

We'd show you a better way to handle your personal finances and how it is easily available to you...

Is it a good time to start investing seriously?

We do not depend on timing our investments. The time horizon is also long term. Therefore, this question is not appropriate for our type of work...

Our best performance has been when there is a downside risk. On this count, our early clients have benefited immensely from our methods...

How We Helped Others Like You:

We apply systematic methods to steer you clear of investment risks, at the same time harnessing rich, rewarding returns for you...

It has taken us years to develop an effective method to understand, analyse, categorise and effectively deal with risks to your money...

There is sound scientific basis to all this. While it is impossible to find risk-free avenues, we shall choose for you building blocks which will carry some types of risks which will be actually irrelevant in your specific case...

We shall also apply our secrets on creating the most efficient investment mix for you. We are constantly scanning all available choices with a microscope...

We draw encouragement from the fact that every one of our clients, who has come to us, is happy about our scientific methods as well as the results obtained. They are also appreciating our conservative approach and honest commitment...

We are proud to exceed expected results in all individual cases in the last 6 years. It was actually a difficult period for investments in India...

Initially set up to help VRS optees, word-of-mouth has brought us clients among NRIs, normal retirees, senior Corporate Executives, salary earners and others...

How you can set off on your high growth path:

    • An overall Personal Financial (Strategic) Plan rather than a framework for decisions on each transaction with short term focus. With this, you set out on your path to create your fortune...
    • A Financial Plan which will take into account your specific financial situation, earnings, responsibilities, likes and dislikes, fears, hopes, aspirations and concerns. In this way, you will determine your safety and liquidity requirements...
    • A Financial Plan which is not only to your taste but also finally personally approved by you. You are not being enrolled for a standard Plan...
    • A realistic improved return ( 6% per annum or more higher than normally available returns, i.e. 13% or more vis-a-vis 7% per annum bank interest) due to informed and scientific planning rather than sky high expectations akin to gambling. Your rate of return will depend on your chosen level of investment risks...
    • A scientific methodology, which will effectively comprehend, analyse, categorise and deal with various risks to your money, so that only chosen types of risks (irrelevant to your goals) may be tolerated...

There will be an ongoing review of your investments made in pursuance of the Financial Plan...


"I must admit to have made a very costly mistake in not following some of the recommendations. My good results from the Planning would have been spectacular if I had followed them."

- Mr Subramaniam, Ex-Assistant General Manager, State Bank, Mumbai


What else you can expect

  • We guarantee "no clash with your interests". We would neither handle your money nor have any direct or indirect interests in selling or distributing any personal finance product to you...
  • A way of life which will take away the last-minute decision making to save tax or to take advantage of an option which will no longer be available...
  • A way of life that will be immune to manipulative push from personal finance product sellers or incomplete media stories...
  • A higher return ensures a more effective hedge against inflation over the longer run...

You will get highly tax efficient returns involving little or no taxation related to investment income...

Evaluating Your Benefits:

  • You are in safe hands. There can be no clash with your interests...

  • You can say "Good Bye" to groping in the darkness on your personal finance matters. With a Personal Financial (Strategic) Plan in hand, you are virtually in control...

  • You are able to earn substantially higher returns (at 15% per annum or more, you are 7% per annum or more higher than generally understood safe levels of bank interests) along with comfort about safety of your money...

  • You need not worry about missing opportunities because investments that fit your personal plan are already considered and included...

  • Your Personal Financial Plan will ensure that you earn more than applicable inflation rate and do not lose your purchasing power. Your worries about interest rates can be a thing of the past...

  • You can stop worrying about stepping into prohibited areas in terms of investment risks. The risk control mechanism will ensure that no harm comes your way from overlooked risks as had happened with IDBI Flexibonds, UTI Rajlakshmi or Unit'64 to many...

  • Personal Financial Planning includes your planning for your tax liabilities. You will, therefore, not need to do any separate Tax Planning exercise...

If you can save and invest Rs 30,000 per month based on a Personal Financial Plan, you are likely to benefit in the following way:

Earnings after: At 15% At 7% Gain Real
1st year 29,250 13,650 15,600 19,695
2nd year 1,16,888 69,750 47,138 68,062
3rd year 2,71,671 1,55,751 1,15,920 1,62,645

**(Real Gains take into account the fact that Bank Interest is Taxable)

Similarly, every Rs 10 lakhs of your existing savings invested according to Personal Financial Plan will fetch you an annual benefit of Rs 101,000 in the first year itself...

This is owing to your gains on account of better Tax Planning. You are likely to have little or no Tax Liability on account of the investments...

Moreover, the Risk Management Tool is invaluable (anything similar is not readily available) and in absence of a better tool should be considered as an insurance against potential losses...

Thus, substantial financial benefits can result from drawing up a Personal Financial Plan for you, apart from the peace of mind you get as a result of managing your money in an informed and scientific way...

" Novel methods, sound reasoning power, very educative every time. Makes it really easy for a layman."


- Mr. V. K. Mehendale, Ex-Sr Manager, State Bank Of India, Mumbai.

How Putting off Your Decision Will Play Out for You:

  • Opting for a Personal Financial(Strategic) Plan will help you to deal with your lack of time. It will free up your time for pursuing your other interests. This is a valuable gain to you...
  • It will bring to focus your goals and anxieties and your personal finances will be geared towards meeting your personal needs-both present and future. You will deal with your money efficiently without taking up unreasonable risks. You will create a fortune for yourself at a pace with which you will be comfortable...
  • You will also be paying no(or negligible) taxes on your investment returns...
  • You will take away hurried decision-making and piece-meal viewing of your personal finance for ever...
  • The entire process will bring quiet and peaceful efficiency into your life...
  • You can join the group of people already benefiting from such an exercise...
  • Since it entails a substantial financial benefit and reduction of hassles for you, putting off this for tomorrow can be costly in terms of your missed benefits...


Because your investment returns gather pace as time passes, the annual return in later years are ever larger.

So, when you delay investing by a year what you miss is the last possible year's return.

For example, if you have 5 or 10 years of investing possible and you delay by a year, your 5th or 10th year, as applicable, just evaporates.

You will be missing not the first year's return, but that applicable to your 5th or the 10th year as is the case.

Imagine that you considered investing Rs 10 lakh today. If you had only 10 years of investing available today, if you miss your 10th year you will be poorer by Rs 2.30 lakh even if your investment return is only 10% per annum.

Larger amounts, longer available periods and higher targeted return will involve proportionately more missed benefits...


YES! I Do Not Want to Waste My Financial Potential.

I Want to Find Out More About My Personal Financial Strategic Plan Right Now!


  • I have made sure that my money would at all times be under my own control.
  • I noted that I can enhance my financial position to levels far beyond my imagination as it becomes possible to manage my personal resources in a far more efficient way.
  • I realize that I will have to completely avoid far too expensive mistakes arising out of any impulsive decisions on investing or of investments resulting from inadequate advice.
  • I have to strictly scrutinize inputs from television reports, newspapers, magazines, friends or family members.
  • I am relieved that it is not necessary to take recourse to risky options for sustained gains from long-term investing.
  • In fact, risky options may harm my sound long-term prospects.
  • I understand that in order to obtain substantial returns while avoiding unnecessary risks to my money, professional inputs resulting from deep insights and tight focus would be essential.
  • I am entitled to receive professional advice and care of high quality, which will strictly follow scientific methods of investing; solely for my own long-term interests and that there is no unreal promise of a high return.
  • My Strategic Personal Financial Plan will take into account steps for lowering my income tax liability.
  • I will also receive advice for a whole year based on regular monitoring of my investments.

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